II Worlds

Virtual reality category

by Arnaud van Vliet & Naomi van NiekerkDryfsand | South Africa

We inhabit two worlds. The outer world, this is the world that we observe and physically engage with and the inner world, the world of our imagination, ideas, hopes, dreams and desires. The film ‘II Worlds’ seeks to meditate on themes of nature vs technology, art vs mathematics and physical reality vs the digital sphere and to pose questions about the nature of the physical world and our place in it in time and space. These themes will be expressed by naturalistic and abstract hand drawn imagery and acoustic and electronic music. By juxtaposing imagery from nature with geometrical shapes the film plays with contrasts between nature and technology. This film’s aim is to reach past language, nationality, religion and politics and to speak to the inner viewer and to establish a creative union between technology and art.

Email: naomi@dryfsand.com