Am I going to give up my property rights on my project/concept ?2018-11-10T14:04:19+01:00

The submitted project stays the property of the project holder who owns totally its moral and patrimonial rights without any cession or remuneration to Digital Lab Africa who has no right to change or intervene on the project.

However, the project holder must commit in referring to Digital Lab Africa on any achievements coming directly or indirectly from his/her time mentorship and incubation program (logo and reference to add in the credits).

How do I submit a project?2018-11-10T14:05:23+01:00

Go to https://digilabafrica.com/submit-a-project/
Follow the instructions

What is the time frame for DLA?2018-11-10T14:07:10+01:00
  • Call for projects (14 November 2018 – 13 January 2019)

    14 November 2018 – 13 January 2019: call for projects
    March 2019: announcement of the selected projects for the Pitch Competition
    April 2019: announcement of the DLA#3 winners

  • Final Pitch Competition (March 2019)

Following the call for projects, 30 projects are selected for the final Pitch Competition by the DLA’ Selection Committees members. The “Video Pitch” of the 30 competitors are displayed online on a voting platform where the audience has the opportunity to watch and vote for their favorite pitch. After individual interviews with each of the finalists, 10 projects are finally selected by the DLA’ Selection Committees as winners of the DLA Pitch Competition. The 10 winning projects (2 projects per category) are granted with a 42,000ZAR cash prize and a Digital Lab Africa Incubation Pass to accelerate their project.

  • DLA Incubation Pass (May-December 2019)

 The incubation phase will roll out during a period of 3 to 6 months between May and December 2019. It will be adapted to the specific needs of the projects and will include a period of residence in France of variable duration depending on the projects, up to a limit of one month.

What is the Video Game category?2018-11-10T14:08:07+01:00

The video game category is open to all prototypes/concepts of video game for any type of device (mobile, computer, game console etc..). Video game projects with creative storytelling/experience and using innovative technologies will be considered first.
Examples: action, strategy game, a game which goal is to inform, train or educate.

What is the Digital Music category?2018-11-10T14:08:43+01:00

The Digital Music category is open to any project that offers an innovative online music user experience that includes services, solutions and / or multimedia content. Content / solutions / services can be addressed to the general audience and / or professionals from music industry. The project must be designed for use on web platforms and / or mobile applications.

Examples: creation of an application proposing a multimedia universe and an interactive community around an artist; an application offering live concerts on mobile; a platform for exchanging videos / music content, a service to view a 360 ° concert, a music video clip using virtual reality technologies, an artist booking service etc.

What is the Virtual Reality Category?2018-11-10T14:09:21+01:00

The virtual reality category is open to any content offering an immersive experience to the audience, on any type of device (computer, smartphone, headset..), using immersive technologies (360°, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, 3D interactions… )

Examples: VR documentary experience, virtual museum visit, immersive video game…

What is the Web creation category?2018-11-10T14:10:13+01:00

The Web Creation category is dedicated to all linear and non-linear format offering an innovative storytelling and/or an immersive/interactive experience for the audience. This category includes all content, regardless of the genre – fiction, documentary, series, TV format, magazine, entertainment, news… – produced to be viewed mainly online (first digital content). This category targets projects that combine several media (transmedia) or offer a cross media strategy and which aim to attract an audience, engage with it and retain it.

Examples: an interactive web documentary, a web series including a chat or a video game, a news show in 360°, a thematic podcast channel, etc.

How can I contact the Digital Lab Africa team?2018-11-10T14:16:53+01:00

Feel free to contact us at info@digilabafrica.com
We will reply asap.