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Katalina / Kalunga / Karonga - Sea Waves tales Digital art category by Lara Sousa | Mozambique Katalina / Kalunga / Karonga - Sea Waves tales is an immersive installation proposal using several elements of digital arts.The purpose of this immersive digital installation is to create a space between “non-directly related” territories - Mozambique, [...]

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Antidote music

Antidote music Music category by Sizo Hlophe | Eswatini After establishing Antidote Music as the first music establishment to be the first to put music on the internet, we realized that the problem in Eswatini goes deeper than having music on the internet. In April 2019 we incoporated the music enterprise with a mission [...]

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Outcome Video game category by Robert Mensah | Nigeria Outcome is a local co-op, arena battle style game of up to 4 players. The game has two stages. The first stage is the elimination stage where players battle to eliminate each other until one player is victorious. The second stage, the winning player then tries [...]

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Qyn Video game category by Tristan Mocke & Studio Starburst | South Africa Qyn is an isometric fantasy action adventure game with a focus on bucking the trends of traditional fantasy narratives, where instead of focussing on replicating the faux-european setting and themes of fantasy genre entries of years past. Qyn focuses on creating [...]

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Slavery of science

The slavery of science Immersive realities category by Joey Ekunwe | Nigeria Using video, music, sound design, animation, stop motion, and spoken words in a virtual reality to look at the idea of science and technology through the eyes of the seekers within us all. The seeker is represented by a character or group [...]

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Sigana: Tales of Lawino Immersive realities category by Melisa Allela | Kenya Sigana - Tales of Lawino is a series of immersive storytelling experience based on traditional African stories using new and emerging technologies. It uses Virtual Reality and Virtual Humans to celebrate and share oral traditions of storytelling. [...]

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In my hood

In my hood Animation category by Ridwan Moshood | Nigeria In my hood is an animated comedy series which follows the misadventures of a young Nigerian named Shades. His misadventures began when he moved into a new town located in the underbelly of the city of Lagos. Like every regular Lagosian, Shades is in [...]

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Message beats

Message Beats Animation category by Natasha Nayo | Ghana   Message Beats is 2D animated series set in a West African fantasy utopia. Adia, odd village girl accidentally awakens a magical talking drum and becomes a Magical Drummer: Defender of her home against evil spirits and dangerous monsters.   [...]

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Mannerisms Animation category by Bokang Koatja | South Africa Mannerisms is an animated short film about Sello, a young man who has to deal with the death of Richard, his lifelong friend after he commits suicide. He uncounsciously takes on his mannerims to hold on to his friend memory. Sello will have to learn to [...]

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