Last Night A Haircut Saved My Life

Virtual reality category

by Roxanne Dalton | South Africa


Last Night a Haircut Saved My Life is a 7 min VR documentary exploring life in Cape Town’s gang ridden Lavender Hill through the means of a virtual haircut. Inspired by ‘The Virtual Barber’, this film will begin by placing the viewer in the heart of Lavender Hill, one of Cape Town’s notoriously dangerous areas where gunshots ricochet daily. Using 360 VR Camera Rig, Lavender Hill will come to life in a way that has yet to be experienced. The viewer will be guided by Jaybonisa Ruiters, an aspiring hairdresser to her flat where the virtual haircut will take place. She will instruct the viewer to close their eyes, at which point they will cease to become the viewer but instead, a listener, the screen will be black and the binaural recording will be the only point of reference.