Man Must Chop

Web creation category

by Razahk Issaka | GHANA

Left to fend for himself and ‘hustle’ through the hard streets of Accra, Aluta a young man of many ‘talents’ tries to discover what he is best at. With a lot of difficulty and without much luck, everything Aluta does becomes unsuccessful. And he cannot secure a job in the white collar sector as he is a senior high school dropout. He meets people from different cultures and communities and learns quickly that nothing is for granted. This comic animated series set in real life settings, is an exciting journey of Aluta against all odds. One thing is for sure; he is hard working and he never gives up. What makes this comic series special is how relatable it is. People of all ages can easily understand and relate to Aluta’s hustle and still remain captivated and eager to see what comes next for Aluta.