Nwavu, the Blind Man

Animation category

by João Graça | Anima – Estúdio Criativo | MOZAMBIQUE


Nwavu, the Blind Man is a short animation film (15 minutes) that proposes to combine a tale adapted from the Mozambican oral tradition with the visual aesthetic of the Batik, one of the most iconic artistic expressions of Mozambican culture. Nwavo, the Blind Man takes us through the journey of an old blind man who ascends to village chief thanks to the strength of imagination, deceiving both community and nature with his sharp wit. From an improbable wedding to a village inhabited only by women, where all men are devoured by a terrifying lion, he shows us he knows a good opportunity when he sees one.

Nwavo Joao Garcia

email: joaograca@anima.co.mz

The following clips are excerpts from the documentary “Os 5 Elementos” produced by Promarte. All these animations have been done by João Graça and Anima Estúdio Criativo. These are their first attempts at animating using the proposed Batik process. Password: nwavu2018