Pluto Panoussis

Open Window (South Africa)

During the course of his career, Pluto Panoussis has been an architect, a designer, an illustrator, a writer, and a filmmaker. He has directed a number of award-winning productions, which span a range of media, including film, television and the stage. He has co-written and directed two television series, exhibited as a solo artist and is creator of the social commentary cartoon strip ‘Skaapstad’. He has been a judge on the National Press Club Newsmaker of the Year panel, on the Silwerskerm judges panel for the last three years, has been invited to present papers at various gatherings, most recently at the Adobe Education Summit in Barcelona. iMPAC (the Initiative for Motion Pictures within the African Continent), founded by him in 2009, is part of his ongoing commitment towards fostering a culture of exploration in the moving image. He is currently head of academics at the Open Window Institute for Arts and Digital Sciences.