Ian Toullec

VR Connection (France)

During his studies, Ian Toullec, joined Magnificat Films production company, which enabled him to participate in the production of “Je vous ai compris”, an innovative feature film in transmedia narration. He founded his own production company, Cezure Production, and in 2013 he released “Maniac Manors”, the first real-time 3D game on a smartphone. He then joined Magnificat Films as associate producer. With the help of Laurent Thiry, he works on his first virtual reality subjects with specialists in deep VR immersions, new narrative formats and cognitive impacts. He addresses neurological and psychological issues while studying the social and economic evolutions of this new media. In 2016, Yann Toullec founded “VR Connection” with Alexandre Ibanez (manager of Immersive Business Advantage). VR-Connection is a collaboration hub dedicated to virtual reality. It brings together companies with varied and complementary expertise whose ambition is to develop and democratize VR.