Leading European producer Lagardère Studios joins Digital Lab Africa!

LAGARDÈRE STUDIOS incorporates all of the TV production activities of the Lagardère group, the first audio-visual production group in France and Europe. Lagardère studios is an international key player in the production and distribution of independent audio-visual content, very active in the digital space. Lagardère Studios brings together 35 production companies in 3 continents including Africa, among them Keewu Production based in Senegal.

The winning project of the web creation category will get the chance to be mentored by Lagardère studios and its branch company Keewu Production based in Dakar, for the project development in 2017. See HERE details about the revised category “Web creation”. 

Senegalese production company Keewu Production joined Lagardère Studios in October 2015. Keewu production is renowned in French-speaking African countries for its series C’est la vie broadcasted on TV5 Monde Afrique. Made of 26 episodes, C’est la Vie follows the daily life of an health center in Ratanga. The series addresses, in a humorous way, the sensitive issue of the health care system in Senegal and the collective awareness of its dysfunctions.

After a successful Season 1, Keewu is currently producing the Season 2 and is also developing the web serie C’est la vie + in coproduction with the NGO RAES.

Watch the trailer of C’est la vie + webserie
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    4963803_6_dd9a_2016-07-04-339e7ad-13947-xx1l8e_b759ae87711bef9785ef83d47f0b2a9eCest la vie

C’est la vie (Keewu Production)