Transmedia category

by John DeVries & Greg Kriek | TH Films | South Africa

Mentor: ARTE Web – Gilles Freissinier


Reborn is a transmedia web series that is based on audience choice. The series follows the story of a disillusioned government operative, Michael, who decides to exchange a life of violence for one at the service of Africa.


  • Residency period in France: from April 30th to May 12th, 2017
  • Locations: ARTE, Labo- Pôle Media Grand Paris, la Nurserie d’Audiens
  • Related event: John DeVries & Greg Kierk went to Cannes festival after their incubation to keep on networking and to find potential partnerships.

More info about their incubation

After DLA…

The two South African winners of the transmedia category have been selected to present their web series in Paris during Cross Video Days (Oct. 2-4 2017).