DLA winners John DeVries & Greg Kriek will attend upcoming Cross Video Days in Paris.

The first edition of Digital Lab Africa led to reveal promising talent such as John DeVries and Greg Kriek from TH Films. The two South African winners of the transmedia category have been selected to present their web series in Paris during upcoming edition of Cross Video Days (Oct. 2-4).

Supporting by Creative Europe program, Cross Video Days are a unique marketplace for new digital talent that pushing the boundaries of filmmaking and imagine new forms of content hybridization.

The presented project – Triptych – is an innovative transmedia webseries in which the multi threaded narrative gives the power in the viewer’s hands, by offering the option to make key narrative decisions at certain main plot points. It introduces Michael, a haunted-hit man who desperately seeks to escape the world of violence he was forged in.

During the DLA incubation program in France, the Triptych team already raised attention from several producers, giving them the opportunity to grow and establish connections with some valuable partners.

Let’s hope the Cross Video Days will give John and Greg a new visibility and confirm the project’s achievements!

See the Triptych’s trailer here