VIRTUAL REALITY is one of the 5 categories of Digital Lab Africa Call for projects.

The virtual reality category is open to any content offering an immersive experience to the audience, on any type of device (computer, smartphone, headset..), using immersive technologies (360°, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, 3D interactions… )

Examples: VR documentary experience, virtual museum visit, immersive video game…

Slavery of science

The slavery of science Immersive realities category by Joey Ekunwe | Nigeria Using video, music, sound design, animation, stop motion, and spoken words in a virtual reality to look at the idea of science and technology through the eyes of the seekers within us all. The seeker is represented by a character or group [...]


Sigana: Tales of Lawino Immersive realities category by Melisa Allela | Kenya Sigana - Tales of Lawino is a series of immersive storytelling experience based on traditional African stories using new and emerging technologies. It uses Virtual Reality and Virtual Humans to celebrate and share oral traditions of storytelling. [...]

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