The three finalists projects of the DLA Virtual Reality category.

Pitch competition : 2 November, 11.00-12.30
Jury members
: Antoine Cayrol (Producer, Okio-studio), Ingrid Kopp (Co-founder, Electric South and Senior Consultant, Tribeca Film Institute), Alizée Dallemagne (Project Manager, Digital Lab Africa).

VR mobile app for scientific education
Samuel Agyemang
/ Nubian VR / Ghana
Virtual Science Lab is a VR mobile application targeting high school students. The app allows them to virtually interact with equipments in a lab to conduct chemical experiments. This project is brought by emerging African VR studio, Nubian VR, working with educational institutions like Asheshi University to introduce Youth to VR.

VR immersive content about animal poaching
Tristan Schafer / Old Soul Films / South Africa
The Hunt & Extinction series uses VR 360 to delve into the world of animal poaching through the eyes of the poacher and ranger simultaneously. This project from Tristan Schafer, a 24 year old filmmaker graduated from AFDA, aims to show the many sides of a story by creating dual and multiple perspectives through VR.

Shariffa Ali / Kenya-Ethiopia-South Africa
VR choreographic experience about transgender identity
Round Round project uses VR, dance, music and 360° video to immerse the audience in a choreographic experience that questions gender transference and identity. This VR artistic project is brought by “Afropolitan citizen” Shariffa Ali, half Kenyan, half Ethiopian, who spent the majority of her formative years in Swaziland and South Africa.