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Call for projects :
From 1st of June to 31st of August 2016: Submit your project online and send the documents
September:  Selection of projects by the Digital Lab Africa selection committee
30 September:  announcement of the projects selected  for the pitch competition at DISCOP AFRICA Johannesburg
Pitch competition at DISCOP AFRICA Johannesburg (2-4 November 2016):
2 Nov: Pitch competition for each category
3 Nov: Workshops and thematic presentations linked to the various categories
4 Nov: Announcement of the winning projects (1 per category) and prize-giving ceremony for the Project Incubation  (2017) prizes
 Incubation phase:
Between January and October 2017: the incubation phase will last  for a period of 3 to 6 months. It will be adapted to the specific needs of each  project and will include a residency  in France of variable duration depending on the project, up to a limit of one month.
DISCOP AFRICA Johannesburg 2017: Presentation of completed  projects

A Serious Game is a game with an utilitarian objective: learning, edutainment , simulation, information , engagement and advertisement, for both mobile application or full screen (computer, smartphone, TV, tablet…). To see examples of Serious Game, you can visit this Page (“Examples”).

There exists lots of platforms and apps: You Tube, Daily Motion, Sound Cloud, and many others. Maybe you have an innovative idea to listen to and share music?
For the Digital Music category, we are looking for projects offering an innovative and enriching experience for users or professionals. The project should be aimed at video or digital music platforms on the Internet or mobile phone. Example: creating an app to build a multimedia world and an interactive community around an artist, a new professional network to improve artists ‘exchanges on the continent, etc.

Virtual Reality is the technology  to create and watch images in 3D or in 360° : in short , it allows the audience to feel part of the screen, instead of only “in front” of the screen.  The objective of Virtual Reality is to immerse the spectator into the image.
Here is a definition of VR: “Virtual reality (VR), also known as immersive multimedia or computer-simulated reality is a computer technology that replicates an environment, real or imagined, and simulates a user’s physical presence and environment to allow for user interaction.”
Watch the teaser of I-Philip, the first French VR- movie, by Okio-Studio (mentor of the VR Category ). You can use your  mouse or touchpad to turn the image 360°!

This category targets all audio-visual material produced to be viewed online (first digital content) in a non-linear way. The category is open to innovative concepts and to any type of content: fiction, documentary, animation, reality shows, news, sport, entertainment, talk shows, debates, TV formats and magazine programmes (food, environment, lifestyle, culture, comedy, educational…). Projects that aim to attract an audience, engage with it and retain it, and that can be formatted into episodes or thematic channels, will be considered first.
Submit your project online and develop it with the support of Lagardère Studios, leader in  Audio-visual production in Europe.

We are looking at all content produced for the web which offers an innovative way of telling stories (new formats of writing/narrative). Projects with an international focus which offer an original experience to the public, irrespective of the genre – fiction, documentary, animation, magazine, entertainment, news… – will be considered first. Examples: an interactive web documentary or a web series including a participative element (involvement of the public via an app, a chat, social media, video game…).
Submit your transmedia project and develop it with the support of ARTE, the European culture channel and at the avant-garde of new formats for the web.

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