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TH Films shakes the lines with its last transmedia project: « Reborn »

South African magazine SCREEN AFRICA highlights Digital Lab Africa 2016' winner TH Films for their transmedia project "Reborn" Gregory Kriek and John DeVries, TH Films executives, want to give people another level of engagement with content which could turn them from a passive, to [...]

Virtuality: The Virtual Reality exhibition (24-26 Feb 2017)

Virtual Reality will receive the honors at Paris Virtuality salon from February 24, 2017 Within 2020, Virtual Reality (VR) will radicaly modify our societies and life habits as internet or smartphones did before. Education, health, culture, entertainment, trade, industry… every field is going to be [...]

The Forum Blanc has reinvented itself (10-12 Jan 2017)

While remaining true to its DNA, the Forum Blanc has reinvented itself to offer a wider vision of transmedia creation and brand content.  The Forum Blanc is 3 days of information, training, reflection and exchange between professionals about new supports for broadcasting and ways of [...]

DLA @ DISCOP Joburg : pictures & videos

Videos & pictures of Digital Lab Africa @ DISCOP Joburg. From 2 to 4 Nov 2016, DLA @ DISCOP offered a 3-day programme dedicated to the next generation of producers in the digital age and tomorrow’s content in Africa (Virtual Reality, Web Creation, Transmedia, Digital Music, [...]