The first DLA#2 residency is starting now!

THE FIRST DLA#2 RESIDENCY IS STARTING NOW! Ali Dennis, winner of the Digital Music category of DLA#2, just left Kenya to Reunion Island where he will be in residency during 10 days. It will be an opportunity for him to develop his collaboration with PRMA [...]

DLA#2 Online music winners to speak at Moshito Music Conference and Exhibitions

DLA#2 ONLINE MUSIC WINNERS TO SPEAK AT MOSHITO MUSIC CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITIONS   As part of their victory at the second edition of Digital Lab Africa, the project leaders in the Online Music category will be present to speak at Moshito, a major event in [...]

Cartoon Network Africa is looking for new animation talent in Africa

CARTOON NETWORK IS LOOKING FOR NEW ANIMATION TALENT IN AFRICA The leader in children’s animation in South Africa, Cartoon Network, invites African creators to submit their short-form comedy project in the first ever Cartoon Network creative venture run in Africa. If there’s one thing Africans [...]

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