Dailymotion is getting ready to release a brand new interface

Boasting 300 million unique users per month worldwide, Vivendi’s video pooling and sharing platform is on top position on the European market.

Faster, more intuitive and more fluid, Dailymotion started from a blank page to create a whole new user experience at the cutting edge of innovation. The Dailymotion application will be available on the App Store and Google Play, while a desktop version is slated for release July 5th in France and starting July 25th for the rest of the world.

Dailymotion will offer a premium inventory of wide-ranging, high-quality content divided into four key themes – News, Sports, Music and Entertainment – that tap into the likes and lifestyles of 18-49-year-olds, the platform’s new prime target. Priority is given to the ‘freshest’ content, live videos and short formats. Users will also have access to exclusive content.

This new content offer is made possible by partnerships with media groups and premium brands around the world such as Universal Music Group, CNN and Vice.