The Web creation and Transmedia categories are dedicated to new ways of creating audio-visual material. They target the new generation of producers and relate to content that combines several media, and are intended to be viewed mainly online on smartphone, tablet and computer.


This category targets all audio-visual material produced to be viewed online (first digital content) in a non-linear way. The category is open to innovative concepts and to any type of content: fiction, documentary, animation, reality shows, news, sport, entertainment, talk shows, debates, TV formats and magazine programmes (food, environment, lifestyle, culture, comedy, educational…).

Projects that aim to attract an audience, engage with it and retain it, and that can be formatted into episodes or thematic channels will be considered first. One-time broadcast/TV special are excluded from the web creation category.

Submit your web creation project and get the chance to develop it with the mentorship of Lagardère Studios, leading audio-visual production group in Europe.


All content produced for the web which combines several media and offers an innovative way of telling stories (new formats of writing/narrative). Projects with an international focus which offer an original experience to the public, irrespective of the genre – fiction, documentary, animation magazine, entertainment, news… – will be considered first.

Examples: an interactive web documentary, or a web series including a participative element (involvement of the public via an app, a chat, social medias, video game…)

Submit your transmedia project and get the chance to develop it with the mentorship of the European culture channel, ARTE, one of the most innovative channels in multimedia content.


Tantale : a web serie co-produced by Pictanovo, partner of Digital Lab Africa

DISCOVER TANTALE : a web serie coproduced by Pictanovo, partner of Digital Lab Africa. Up to you to change the course of history … You are the President of the French Republic. You have a few hour to use your influence and achieve one of the best deals of your mandate : make Paris the [...]