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  • Presentation folder of the project including graphical / visual elements, solutions / technologies, screenplay, target audience, projected budget, business plan, production schedule (5 to 8 pages maximum).
  • A beta version / preview / pilot or demo of the project if available.
  • A biography of the applicant/ description of the company represented (max 300 words).
  • A picture (jpeg) of the applicant.

Applicants may submit several projects, but only one per category.

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Call for projects (June – August 2016)

1June- 31 August: call for projects
September: selection of projects by Digital Lab Africa selection committee
30 September: announcement of selected projects for the pitch competition at DISCOP Johannesburg

Pitch competition at DISCOP Africa Johannesburg (2 – 4 November 2016)
3 day-programme

2 Nov: Pitch competition for each category
3 Nov: Workshops and presentations
4 Nov: announcement of winning projects (1 per category) and Award Ceremony

Projects incubation (2017)
The projects incubation will be spread over a period of 3 to 6 months between January and October 2017 and adapted to the project specific needs. It will include a residence time in France within the limit of 1 month. Finalised projects will be presented at the 2017 edition of Discop Africa Johannesburg.