DIGITAL MUSIC is one of the 4 multimedia production categories of Digital Lab Africa.

Submit your digital music project and get the chance to be supported by 1D Touch platform and Believe Digital in the development of your project.

BELIEVE DIGITAL is the leading digital distributor and services provider for independent artists & labels in the world.

1D TOUCH is today the first worldwide fair trade streaming platform dedicated to independent contents. The platform already offers nearly one million musical references.


The digital music category is open to all projects which offer an innovative and enriching user experience using multimedia tools, solutions and content, based on one or several African artists, musical genres or African territories (e.g. Senegal rap or Congolese rumba). The project should be aimed at video or digital music platforms on the Internet or mobile telephone.


Check out the 3 finalists projects of the DLA Digital Music category

The three finalists projects of the DLA Digital Music category. Pitch competition : 2 November, 9.30-11.00 Jury members : Olivier Laouchez (CEO, TRACE), Milena Taieb (Head of Video France/Africa-MENA, Believe Digital Studios), Frédéric Chambon (Producer, Digital Lab Africa). # BIRTHDAY GIRL VR immersive mobile app Peter Cardwell-Gardner / Made with Monster Love / South Africa Made with Monster Love studio proposes [...]