Opening of the DLA#3 Pitch Competition

From the 15th to the 28th of April, 30 creatives will compete in the 2019 Pitch Competition! The DLA#3 call for projects closed on the 31st of January, after over 500 entries from 30 sub-saharan african countries. The DLA digital content industry experts have now chosen the 30 finalists who will compete in the DLA [...]


The 30 DLA#3 finalist projects have been announced! Our DLA experts reviewed all the applications and here they are... 6 projects per category (Animation, Digital Music, Video Game, Virtual Reality) will compete in the Online Final Pitch Competition, from the 15th to the 28th of April 2019. The 10 winners will be announced on the [...]


Uzi Animation category by Naddya Adhiambo Oluoch-Olunya | Sunflower Pictures | Kenya Uzi is a 3 minute long 2d animated short about a perfectionist seamstress and her precocious daughter Kpokpo. The two of them are on a quest to make the world’s most beautiful dress, so they travel all over Kenya looking for finest [...]

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Baba Animation category by Justus Macharia | Kenya Baba (Swahili for Father) is a 3 min spoken word paper animation that deals with the complicated feelings that a young man at the prime of his youth has about his aging father. Narrated in a four stanza spoken word poem, each stanza details four stages [...]

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Little Little Orishas

Little Little Orishas Animation category by Archange Kiyindou | Republic of the Congo A naive demigod wants to become King of Heaven… He just has to get through school first! Little Little Orishas is an Action/Afrofantasy animated series targeting high school goers. In postcolonial society that is craving positive representation of the Black community, Little [...]

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Herbbeings – The Mind Tea Leaf

Herbbeings - The Mind Tea Leaf Animation category by Abisola Aboaba | Nigeria Herbbeings: The Mind Tea Leaf is an animated film that proposes to combine the concept and tradition of African herbalism with the visual aesthetic of West African clay art. The story takes us through the journey of a shy young girl [...]

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Ringa Mzansi

Ringa Msanzi Animation category by Lwazi Msipha | Old Fashioned Youngin | South Africa Ringa Mzansi is an animated talk show that looks at contemporary world issues through a sharp lens of satire and comedy. Voiced by Ebenhaezer Dibakwane, our brazen host and his quirky team’s fresh take is done via interviews, commentary and [...]

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Frozilla Animation category by Komborerai Chapfika | Spectrum Studios | Zimbabwe   FROZILLA is an animated series which follows the misadventures of odd friends Lovemore (an innovative street vendor), Pasta Mike (a failed pastor), and Gogo (retired Shamaan), as they try to survive and thrive in a fictional African country. Set in the near [...]

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Precious Cargo

Precious Cargo Video Game category by Simone Beneke-Graham, Shannon Bennetts, Rowan Brough and Niall Graham | Falling Up Studios | South Africa Precious Cargo is a stylised African-based side-scrolling platformer, featuring a baby pangolin’s attempt to escape from poachers. The majority of the story plays out within the present day jungles of Central Africa, [...]

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Dele+ership Video Game category by Dikeledi Maponya | Workerbee Solutions | South Africa Dele+ership is a mobile and PC hidden-object game where the player has to find a set number of artefacts, artworks, and relics hidden on a given location. This is a single player game, where the player assumes the role of an [...]

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