Marie-Anne Fontenier

NEF Animation (France)

Mentor | Animation

Portrait - Marie Anne Fontenier - RUBIKA

Marie-Anne FONTENIER’s career is strongly directed towards Education and Digital Images. Graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Nancy (France), she started her career  in 1972 as a graphic designer in Montreal.

From 1974 to 1988, she was in charge of the brand image of the University of Technology in Compiègne. She worked transversely with the Design Division and the Computer Department. She tested prototypes of imagers and produced her first graphic images. In 1988, she was the General Secretary of the ACM SIGGRAPH France Association. During the same year, she founded SUPINFOCOM, a higher education school specialized in digital direction and 3D animation, upon the request of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Valenciennes area.

Since 1999, Marie-Anne FONTENIER has been organizing the e-magiciens festival., “The European Meetings of Young Digital Creation”, which take place every year in Valenciennes. In 2000, SUPINFOCOM spreads to Arles. In 2001, Supinfogame, a school specialized in game design and production management for video games, opens in Valenciennes. In 2008, the SUPINFOCOM Group is created, including Supinfocom, Supinfogame and the International School of Design. In September 2008, opening of the campus of the SUPINFOCOM Group in Pune (India).

Now retired, she belongs to the board of several associations in the audiovisual and animation sectors. She is the president of NEF Animation, a professional organization dedicated to the writing of animated film, since its creation in 2015.