Alain Bidjeck

Centre des cultures d’Afrique (France)

Mentor | Digital Music

ALain Bidjeck - african moove

Alain Bidjeck is an african music and cultural industries expert. For 15 years, he has been leading and managing projects in France and Africa. He created and managed several cultural companies such as Orig’in Production, the consulting company Bejika, and the African Cultures Centre in Paris to produce and help artists, entrepreneurs and institutions in African cultural industries development.

Aware of the challenges faced by artists and entrepreneurs in African cultures in France, he starts and actively participates in the production of leading events such as MIDEM, MOCA, the MAMA event, African Music Forum, the Festival Africaphonie… to allow for a better understanding of the African culture “ecosystem”, the meeting of new partners, and the creation of new economical models.

Alain Bidjeck also works on the coordination and development of the Midem African Forum in South Africa, Congo, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Cameroon and Nigeria. Promoting Africa and its diaspora via culture is what feeds his work.