Sidick Bakayoko

Paradise Game (Ivory Coast)

DLA Mentor | Video Game

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Sidick BAKAYOKO is a technology professional with more than 10 years of experience in the areas of marketing and product development of mobile solutions.

Sidick is the Founder and CEO of Paradise Game, an Ivorian company that aims at transforming the video game industry in Africa.

Paradise Game is a leading eSport franchise in West Africa offering premier gaming Events and Festivals, high-end Gaming and eLearning center, as well as multimedia and promotions.

Earlier in his career, He led the sales and marketing efforts of mobile value added service provider DIGITAL AFRIQUE TELECOM (DAT) in 27 African countries, delivering several challenging multimillion-dollar projects from start to finish.

He also led the marketing efforts of the revolutionary mobile application CLICKOVA alongside SCANBUY founder Olivier Attia in New York city. The application was in 2007, an innovation in the space for seamlessly backing up contacts, pictures and videos over wireless networks.

He holds an Electronics and Computer Engineering Degree from the New York Institute of Technology in the USA and participated in the Stanford University SEED program.