DLA x NEF Animation – International artist residency for animated films

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Digital Lab Africa and NEF Animation will announce at DISCOP the winner of the « DLA x NEF Animation International Residency ». The winning proiect will experience a one month international residency in France (April 2019) to develop his/her project in a creative environment (fully covered by Digital Lab Africa and NEF Animation).

Friday 16th November, 12pm, Award Announcement 

The International Residency for Animated Films allows international authors to immerse themselves one month into their work without caring about material constraints in a peaceful and inspiring atmosphere and enable them to meet and exchange with other artists in residency.

More than 100 applications have been reviewed and 4 projects are now finalists.

Song Bird by Tebogo Matshana (South Africa)
Os Pestinhas – Series by Halima Essa (Mozambique)
I’am Chuma by Wendy SPINKS (South Africa)
Uzi by Naddya Adhiambo (Kenya)


Song Bird by Tebogo Matshana (South Africa)

Song Bird aims to explore the ways in which the resilient lives of various historic world leaders somehow can be likened to the life of the song bird in the Setswana legend named Senanapo, a bird captured by a beast.

Os Pestinhas - Series

Os Pestinhas – Series by Halima Essa (Mozambique)
With their minds filled with adventure and enormous curiosity, these three little brats never stop inventing something to do and even so, they never get tired for being punished for their wrong doings. They are children, like many others but most importantly, they will always stick together no matter what happens.


I am Chuma by Wendy SPINKS (South Africa)

I am Chuma tells the story of a young, black, lesbian woman who found herself homeless and living rough on a park bench in Cape Town for 3 years. Chuma unexpectedly finds her calling as an artist and responds to an inner voice by embarking on an empowering journey, in her yearning to be truly seen.
As we follow Chuma in her “new life” off the bench, we unravel her violent past, her fears and inner turmoil in a dialogue between her tormented mind and her higher self.”



Uzi by Naddya Adhiambo Oluoch-Olunya (Kenya)

“Uzi is the story of an impatient seamstress’s daughter who travels all over the world with her mother making clothes. One day, she notices a string dangling from her mother’s dress.
They fix it, and continue with their journey. The more they work, she slowly discovers that no matter how many times she tries to fix it, it unspools faster and faster.
It’s a race against time for her to understand why her mother is unravelling, and put a stop to it, before it’s too late.  “



NEF Animation is a platform for professionals dedicated to the writing of and about animated film. NEF Animation is a place of reflection on animation as an art form, a place of resources for research and studies, a place of convergence for initiatives and a place for developing projects. Among its missions, NEF Animation supports the writing and the creative research in the field of animated film by developing artist residency programs that encourage international mobility.