Drive Jozi

Video game category

by Ben Myres & Cukia Kimani | Nyamakop | SOUTH AFRICA

Drive Jozi is a 3D vehicle combat game set in a playful post-apocalyptic South Africa. South African factions, cultures, and politics have had to adapt their ideologies to this new context. Yet, while the setting is dystopian, it has a strange, playful optimism – while the rest of the world has collapsed entirely, South Africans have soldiered on – prepared by their many years of hustling, complaining, spicy jokes, and persistence.

In this new dystopian world, resources are plentiful due to the massively reduced world population. Yet, these resources are spread out between vast open spaces – as such, transport between and to these resource centres is worth its weight in gold. The informal mini-bus taxi industry has thrived and grown in the chaotic post-apocalypse. As one of these mini-bus taxi drivers, you must protect and deliver passengers; negotiate with the varied factions; explore the beautiful environments of South Africa; and upgrade your taxi for optimum functioning.