Africade is the first ever exhibition to focus on video games from Africa

 Africade: Contemporary Games from Africa is an art exhibit that will be taking place at the African Studies Gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel, from 29 July to 1 December 2017. The event was initiated by Ben Myers, South African game developer, co- founder of Nyamakop studio & curator for A MAZE Johannesburg, the festival dedicated to indie game creation in Africa.

Africade is focusing on the African video game flourishing scene. It displays seven games, from across the continent: Cameroon (Kiro’o Games’ Aurion), South Africa (Shapa Studios’ After Robot & Free Lives’ Broforce), Nigeria (Akdogan Ali & Umusu Samson Iruo’s Throne of Gods), Morocco (Funsoft’s Rangi) and Algeria (Diaa ElHak’s Lantern of Truth). Operating in various media (mobile, computer game…), the games in display encapsulate a diversity of inspirations and influences from aesthetics and myths of the African continent.

The emerging market for video game in Africa is growing rapidly. It is predicted to reach $442 million in 2017, led by the Nigerian and South African markets, having generated respectively $174 and $120 million in 2016. Africade is the celebration of the dynamism and creativity that is driving the video game talents of the continent.

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