VIDEO GAME  is one of the 5 categories of Digital Lab Africa Call for Projects.


The video game category is open to all prototypes/concepts of video game for any type of device (mobile, computer, game console etc..). Video game projects with creative storytelling/experience and using innovative technologies will be considered first.

Work’D is moving forward with its residency program in France

Work’D team is getting ready to tackle the financial & marketing sides of  their video game Points Work’D CEO Kaba Diakité Amadou and CMO Wilfried-Désiré Mantognet Ouonouan arrived in Valenciennes on 5 June for a week-long residency in France with its DLA mentor, CCCP CEO Matthieu Richez. CCCP’s team, a game studio specialized in indie [...]

Check out the 3 finalists projects of the DLA Serious Game category

The 3 finalists projects of the DLA Serious Game category. Pitch competition : 2 November, 14.00-15.30 Jury members : Jordy Embun (Producer, CCCP studio), Nicholas HALL (CEO, Interactive Entertainment South Africa and founder, Make Games SA), Frédéric Chambon (Producer, Digital Lab Africa). # MTOTO FIRST AID Learning first aid to toddlers on PC & mobile Musafiri Mbilinyi / Bongotoonz Animation [...]

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