The Triptych – Reborn

THE TRIPTYCH - REBORN Transmedia category by John DeVries & Greg Kriek | TH Films | South Africa Mentor: ARTE Web – Gilles Freissinier Description Reborn is a transmedia web series that is based on audience choice. The series follows the story of a disillusioned government operative, Michael, who decides to exchange a life [...]

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POINTS Serious game category by Kaba Diakité Amadou | Work’D | Ivory Coast Mentor: CCCP studio – Matthieu Richez/Jordy Embun Description POINTS is the digital adaptation of a game played by school learners in Ivory Coast. Created by Work’D, a start-up of four Ivorian students in engineer, POINTS is a 2 players strategic game [...]

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Evolve | Revolve

EVOLVE | REVOLVE Virtual reality category by Yetunde Dada & Shariffa Ali | South Africa Mentor : Okio-Studio (now Atlas V) – Antoine Cayrol Description Circle the Mugumo tree seven times and transform from masculine to feminine or feminine to masculine; and live in your new identity forever. This is the ritual of [...]

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Baziks Pulse

BAZIKS PULSE Digital music category by Baya Ciamala | baziks-pulse | Congo RDC Mentor : 1D Lab - Cédric Claquin Description Baziks Pulse is a music platform project dedicated to emergent artists, helping them to engage with their audience and create a community of listeners. Baziks Pulse gathers, connects and makes its members interact [...]

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Area Daddy

AREA DADDY Web creation category Ayodele Elegba | Spoof Animation | Nigeria Mentor : Keewu Production - Alexandre Rideau Description Area Daddy is a 2D animation family web series which follows the amusing struggle of a deeply traditional man in trying to raise his 3 children in quite traditional ways, what sets him [...]

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Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect Virtual reality category by Francis Kamibili-Mzembe & Rodney Jonathan Likaku | Malawi Against nature even man is an endangered species. Cause And Effect allows the player to join in on the climate change conversation, immersing them in an apocalyptic sub-Saharan Africa. The continent is burning, and as a climatologist working for [...]

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II Worlds

II Worlds Virtual reality category by Arnaud van Vliet & Naomi van Niekerk | Dryfsand | South Africa We inhabit two worlds. The outer world, this is the world that we observe and physically engage with and the inner world, the world of our imagination, ideas, hopes, dreams and desires. The film ‘II Worlds’ seeks [...]

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Jilinde Game

Jilinde Game Video game category by Musafiri Mbilinyi | Bongotoonz | TANZANIA The "Jilinde game" is a fun and interactive game that makes Adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) more aware of HIV/AIDS and help her make the right decisions. The game takes the player through several obstacles and situations which the player has to be [...]

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The Rotoscope Orchestra

The Rotoscope Orchestra Digital music category by Magalela Mtshali | South Africa The Rotoscope Orchestra aims to perform live soundscapes to early 1900’s silent films. The project will bring these early pioneering films back into the public lexicon, but will also add an Afrocentric aesthetic to the films. The aim is to fuse eclectic soundscapes [...]

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Last Night A Haircut Saved My Life

Last Night A Haircut Saved My Life Virtual reality category by Roxanne Dalton | South Africa Last Night a Haircut Saved My Life is a 7 min VR documentary exploring life in Cape Town’s gang ridden Lavender Hill through the means of a virtual haircut. Inspired by ‘The Virtual Barber’, this film will begin by [...]

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