The Annecy International Animation Festival is a must for animation lovers and professionals from all over the world. From 11 to 16 June 2018, a series of exhibitions, open-air screenings, conferences and professional meetings will be held throughout the Festival Market (MIFA), focusing on the novelties and diversity of animation cinema.

Feben Elias and João Graça will go to Annecy as part of their DLA#2 victory in the Animation category. An opportunity for them to meet professionals from animation industry, to participate in various conferences or discover animated creations of all kinds, and especially to promote and feed their respective animated projects Dimbit & Nwavu, the blind man.

Rediscover their projects:

Dimbit Feben Elias

Dimbit by Feben Elias, Ethiopia

Nwavo Joao Garcia

Nwavu, the Blind Man by João Graça, Mozambique

The partners and mentors of DLA second edition will also be there to welcome them:

Stuart Forrest, Triggerfish Animation (South Africa)
Abel Kouamé, Afrika Toon (Ivory Coast)
Eric Réginaud, Ciclic (France)
Ivan Zuber, Laïdak Films (France, Germany)

And the DLA presence in Annecy does not stop there: Yolanda Keabetswe Mogatusi and Nildo Hassane, finalists in the DLA Animation category, will also attend the event to represent their companies!