Digital Lab Africa at the « Assises de la Transformation Digitale en Afrique » 

The « Assises de la Transformation Digitale en Afrique » (ATDA) that took place from October 25th to 27th, regroup each year in Paris the main decision makers of the digital african ecosystem to discuss about the challenges of digital construction. High level meeting platform between Africans, Europeans, Asians and Americans since 2011, the ATDA allow decisioners to share their best practices and to identify news partners and news business opportunities.

On this occasion, Sarah Arcache, coordinator of the Digital Department at the French Institute, took part in the panel « Support and know better the African start-ups », on October 27th, to introduce the Digital Lab Africa initiative.

Yetunde Dada, DLA first edition’s winner of the Virtual Reality category was also one of the panelists. Her project The 7th Turn (Round Round), co-created with her partner Shariffa Ali, was mentored – as part of the DLA incubation program – by Antoine Cayrol from Okio-Studio, who’s producing the project. The 7th Turn (Round Round) is about to become the first French-South African coproduction in virtual reality.

ATDA 2017 panel

Sarah Arcache and Yetunde Dada in the panel « Support and know better the African start-ups »

During the panel, Yetunde explained what Digital Lab Africa means to her : « I consider Digital Lab Africa as the super accelerator of artistic African projects: first the mentoring program allows as an artist to think about his/her concept, make it more solid. Then, it was an amazing experience getting incubated at the Nurserie, in Paris. Digital Lab Africa allows us to connect with industry key players and to grow our network. Antoine Cayrol [Okio Studios], who became our producer because he liked our project so much, is an example of this. »

Check out the complete video of the panel here (intervention in English of Yetunde Dada at 16:00):

Presentation video of The 7th Turn (Round Round)