Work’D team is getting ready to tackle the financial & marketing sides of  their video game Points

Work’D CEO Kaba Diakité Amadou and CMO Wilfried-Désiré Mantognet Ouonouan arrived in Valenciennes on 5 June for a week-long residency in France with its DLA mentor, CCCP CEO Matthieu Richez. CCCP’s team, a game studio specialized in indie & serious games development, will sit down with Work’D and provide them insight regarding the business and marketing aspects of the development of Points.

Kaba and Wilfried will benefit from CCCP expertise and have the opportunity to meet with some of France’s best Video Game industry professionals & investors. This includes Laurent Thorez, head of Grand Lille Expansion investment fund for Groupe IRD, Laurent Peroy, General Delegate at Game IN and Francis Ingrand, Founder & CEO of video game distributor Plug In Digital.

As an active member of La Plaine Images, CCCP will open the Cluster’s doors to Work’D and facilitate a series of meetings with video game development & marketing start-ups, such as Vertical, Play In Lab, Atelier 801 and Kimple.

Work’D residency program in France kicked off on 22 May with working sessions at CCCP, with Work’D Chief Technical Officer & Artistic Director, Abraham Doumbia & Christian Kouamé Wakablet. They met with their DLA mentor and his team to improve the design and tech side of Points. Work’D collective was also attending DISCOP Abidjan together with DLA producer Frédéric Chambon, from 30 May to 1 June, to present a “work in progress” session showcasing  Points.

Work’D is the third laureate to complete its residency in France. They were preceded by Cape Town-based TH Films team John DeVries & Greg Kriek, winners of the Transmedia category and by Online Music DLA laureate Baya Ciamala, founder of Afro-Congolese online music platform Baziks Pulse. Work’D will be followed by the Web Creation laureate, Nigerian Ayodele Elegba with his animated web series Area Daddy, and by SA-grown artists Shariffa Ali & Yetunde Dada and their VR performance film Round Round.