Baya Ciamala, 2016 DLA laureate in the digital music category, has arrived in Paris

On March 7th Baya Ciamala, founder of the digital afro-congolese music platform Baziks Pulse and 2016 DLA laureate, will kick off a tailored incubation program in France, designed with DLA partners. During his one-month-long stay, he will go to Paris, Saint-Etienne and Marseille. He is the first of the five 2016 DLA laureates to start his residency in France.

During his stay in Paris, Baya will be hosted at « La Nurserie Culture et Innovation », the incubator supporting innovative projects within the Cultural and Creative Industries of Audiens, social health care group dedicated to Culture, communication and media professionals.

He will also take part to workshops with the teams of Believe DigitalTrace and 1D Touch, the multimedia platform dedicated to cultural discovery and official sponsor of the project.

During his stay in Saint-Etienne, Baya Ciamala will have the chance to team up with the 1D Lab staff, while being coached by its advisory director, Cédric Claquin. In Marseille, he will benefit from the expertise of Elodie Le Breut, advisory director at AMI (Help to Innovative Musics).

From March 16 to 18, he will take part in Babel Med Music, the reference market for music professionals, and step in a round table held on March 17 on the theme: “Africa: is the digital revolution coming? Feedback, stakes &  perspectives on African Digital Music.” Building on Baziks Pulse’s example, Baya Ciamala, Cédric Claquin, Elodie Le Breut and Jérémie Varengo (Digital & Music Marketing Director for Trace) will share their views on the current state and upcoming developments of the music industry in Africa.

A promising program for Baziks Pulse, the African Deezer in the making!