The 3 finalists projects of the DLA Serious Game category.


Pitch competition : 2 November, 14.00-15.30
Jury members : 
Jordy Embun (Producer, CCCP studio), Nicholas HALL (CEO, Interactive Entertainment South Africa and founder, Make Games SA), Frédéric Chambon (Producer, Digital Lab Africa).

Learning first aid to toddlers on PC & mobile
Musafiri Mbilinyi / Bongotoonz Animation studio / Tanzania
Serious Game Mtoto First Aid aims to teach adults how to administer first aid to toddlers and young children. With his first Serious Game, Bongotoonz Animation studio aims to engage, educate and raise awareness on infant mortality, a major public health issue.

Memory and mental maths PC & mobile game
Danny Day
/ QCF Design / South Africa
Mathstermind Reboot is a PC & mobile game that teaches math skills through systemic gameplay integration, not by trying to cover broccoli in chocolate because a coating of sweet does not make the learning suddenly fun! Mathstermind stimulates mental calculation & memory and increases the ability to count and make simple operations.

PC and mobile app logical game
Diakité Amadou Kaba / WORK’D / Ivory Coast
POINTS is the digital adaptation of a game played by school learners in Ivory Coast. Created by Work’D, a start-up of four Ivorian students in engineer, POINTS is a 2 players strategic game which consists in marking points on a grid to make a square. Not that simple!