This category is dedicated to all linear and non-linear format which offer an innovative storytelling and/or an immersive/interactive experience for the audience.

This category includes all content,  irrespective of the genre – fiction, documentary, series, TV format, magazine, entertainment, news… – produced to be viewed mainly online (first digital content). Projects which combine several media (transmedia) or offer a cross media strategy and which aim to attract an audience, engage with it and retain it will be considered first.

Examples: an interactive web documentary, a web series including a chat or a video game, a news show in 360°, a thematic web channel etc.

Dig it ! – Tomorrow’s music By ARTE CREATIVE, Digital Lab Africa partner.

Dig it ! - Tomorrow's music By ARTE CREATIVE, Digital Lab Africa partner. Dig It ! Is a 16-episods series  produced by ARTE CREATIVE, available on ARTE in English. The interactive serie Dig it! travels all around the world to show the world music's evolution and actors of tomorrow's music. Click HERE to watch the full [...]

An African City, the web series from Ghana to dismantle stereotypes about Africa.

An African City, the web series from Ghana to dismantle stereotypes about Africa.  Read the article about An African City, by Faith Karimi (CNN): 'An African City' Web series generates buzz, dismantles stereotypes Episodes are playable online : . Don't forget to submit your Web creation / Transmedia project before the 31st of August!

Discover Prison Valley, an interactive web documentary produced by Arte.

  Prison Valley, a web documentary that makes you learn a lot about the prison world. Welcome to Cañon City, Colorado. A town in the middle of nowhere with 36,000 souls and 13 prisons, one of which is Supermax, the new ‘Alcatraz’ of America. A prison town where even those living on the outside [...]

Tantale : a web serie co-produced by Pictanovo, partner of Digital Lab Africa

DISCOVER TANTALE : a web serie coproduced by Pictanovo, partner of Digital Lab Africa. Up to you to change the course of history … You are the President of the French Republic. You have a few hour to use your influence and achieve one of the best deals of your mandate : make Paris the [...]

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