VIRTUAL REALITY is one of the 5 categories of Digital Lab Africa Call for projects.


The virtual reality category is open to anyone producing content which offers an immersive experience to the public, on any type of support (computer, tablet, smartphone, and virtual reality headset), using virtual reality technologies, augmented reality, mixed reality, 360° video, and 3D interactions.  Examples: journalism report, fiction or documentary movie, musical clip, museum visit, video game…

« Notes on Blindness » : a Virtual Reality immersion into the world of a blind man, co-produced by ARTE France.

Notes on Blindness VR is an interactive VR experience, adaptated from the documentary of the same name. Notes On Blindness  is a Ex Nihilo , Archer’s Mark, Audiogaming production, coproduced by Arte France,  Digital Lab Africa partner. Based on John Hull’s reccordings, this project made of 6 chapters utilizes the VR Technology to immerse the user into the [...]

Two Oceans Marathon in 360°, by Hero Film : discover it online … or with a Virtual Reality headset !

Two Oceans Marathon : playable in 360° on computer and Smartphones. An interactive video produced by Hero Film , playable the VR Oculus Rift headsets at the 2015 Old Mutual’s Two Oceans Marathon Expo. The videos feature South African running legend, Bruce Fordyce. All the Hero Film production HERE. Feeling inspired ? You can submit your own VR project to Digital Lab Africa!

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